Every job we do is personal.  We always give free estimates so you can prioritize your tree work with your budget.

  • Chipping 

​​      Benefits to chipping debris:

      - chips can be hauled away more efficiently then

         multiple loads of limbs to the landfill

      - chips can be used for other purposes such as

         mulch and pathways

      - burning debris is often times prohibited and can

         cause strained relations with your neighbors

      - removing debris reduces 'fuel loading' and can

         help maintain defensible space


  • Removal of trees and shrubs

   Reasons for removal:

​       - to create defensible space

       - trees or shrubs are placed inappropriately

       - the tree is a safety risk

​       - the tree is diseased

       - the tree is damaged beyond repair

       - aesthetics

       - trees and/or shrubs are blocking a desired view

  • Pruning of trees and shrubs

   Pruning objectives:

       - reducing the potential for tree or branch failure

​       - removal of dead branches

       - providing clearance

       - reducing shade and wind resistance

       - maintaining health

       - improving a desired view

       - improving aesthetics

       - influencing flower or fruit production

  • Stump grinding

    Reasons for grinding out stumps:

        - stumps can be unsightly

​        - stumps can take several decades to decompose on their own

​        - the space a stump occupies is unusable space

​        - some trees can continue to sprout new growth from the stump

​        - your property will look much cleaner and nicer without stumps

  • Fuels reduction for fire prevention and defensible space

     Some ways to create defensible space:

        - create a 'fire-free' area within 5 feet of the home and other structures

​        - remove dead vegetation

        - limb trees up 6 to 10 feet from the ground

​        - space conifer trees 30 feet between crowns, if this cannot be achieved then reduce the density of tall trees so

            canopies are not touching

        - remove limbs that overhang home or other structures

​        - remove smaller conifers that are growing between taller trees

        - remove heavy accumulation of woody debris

​        - encourage a mixture of deciduous and coniferous trees

        - make sure shrubs are appropriately placed and spaced

​        - create 'fuel breaks' like driveways, gravel walkways, and lawns

  • Storm damage clean up

​    - we can provide crown restoration work after storm damage

​       - we can handle complete removal of fallen branches and fallen trees

  • Advice on present and further tree care

    We can offer suggestions on:

        - scheduled maintenance and pruning

        - tree and shrub placement

        - tree and shrub selection

  • Disease and pest control

​    - we can assess and offer advice on disease and pest ridden trees and what can be done to help the tree



Arborist Utility Line Clearance Certified!!!!

ACRT urban Forestry Training Line Clearance Arborist Certification Program completion October 30, 2015